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Senior Speech: Evan Fireman

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Good morning. It is my honor and privilege to be speaking to you today. Quite frankly, I can’t believe I’m giving this speech right now. I never thought it would be my time to graduate and move on to college. I wish I could have another year, or even just another day at this fantastic school, because for me, twelve years hasn’t been enough.

I came here in first grade, yes, believe it or not everyone, first grade, after visiting the school for two days in pre-first.  All I remember from my visit was a contentious naptime power struggle and my subsequent interview with Mrs. Holland, the admissions director at the time. For naptime, everyone was given a blanket to sleep on and the only one left for me was a pink and purple, heart decorated blanket. Being the manly pre-firster that I was, I couldn’t have this blanket to sleep on, so I threw a fit and cried about it. Guess who won the power struggle? Instead of napping with the other students, I was taken away for my interview. The first question Mrs. Holland asked me was, “So Evan, what do you think of CHA?” Immediately I was confused. I sat there for a second and then asked her, “What’s CHA?” not knowing that the abbreviation stood for Chestnut Hill Academy. Looking back on that moment, I wish I could tell her what I think it of now.

This school has meant more to me than many would believe. CHA is all I’ve known for the past twelve years. It is the major link between who I was as a child to who I am now.  I cherish the friends I have made here, who I have seen grow up with me, and know my classmates cherish these friendships as well. The bonds I’ve formed over these years I wouldn’t replace for anything. Growing up through lower, middle, and now upper school all feels like one giant blur. One moment I was the boy who had blond hair and light up shoes in the Jordan Building, and the next I was sitting in Big Gym receiving my lifer pen at patch ceremony, something I truly couldn’t understand until I was the senior everyone was acknowledging. I think back to my days at CHA and remember going to the lower school library as a second grader and racing to the little nitch formed by two support beams in the corner of the library, the best place to read at the time. I remember in sixth grade history having to literally tape my mouth shut in order to stop my incessant talking. I remember the middle school dance where I began to do the worm and regrettably smashed my lower body against the floor one to many times, ending my worming-carrier forever. I remember my JV soccer season Sophomore year, and the glory that was our first and final win against the Malvern team, no thanks to the double McDouble I had eaten right before the game. These are the memories I will forever cherish.

I expect this year to be no different than years past, I just hope that the new memories I make this year won’t begin to fade as quickly as those I have made in the past. Freshman and Sophomores, you’re at the bottom of the totem pole right now, but before you know it, you’ll be up here thinking, “where did the time go?” Enjoy these days while you can, because they wont be times you will want to forget. Juniors, you have one more year until you’re the leaders of the school. If you think college and SAT work is tough now, just wait until next year.  And seniors, what can I say, this is our time. Let’s make it the best year it can be and finish strong.

My memories of Chestnut Hill Academy are fading during this exciting and unique time of my life, and the name of our school has changed, but I believe that this school, no matter what you call it, will continue to serve students the same way it has served me. In addition to thanking this school, I have to thank my family, friends, faculty, class parents, students, and my class for making this experience the best it could be. There’s no doubt about it now, I should have just slept on that pink and purple blanket, possibly giving me a few more hours at this school where I now see my time coming to an end. This is my final tribute to CHA, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be, I’m going to miss it. Thank you.